Fare collection aboard the Amherst Island Ferry will resume March 8, 2021. Please note the following changes:

  • Passengers will be required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering, during fare collection. As the purser approaches the window of your vehicle, please have your ticket / cash ready, show it to the purser and follow their instruction to deposit in the collection bucket. Any tickets or cash observed to be held between your lips will not be accepted.

  • The cost of fare for cars, trucks under 1 ton, vans, farm tractors or small school buses has increased to $10 per vehicle. The fare cost for RVs, cars with trailer, large vehicles needing up to 2 spaces or large school buses is $20. Large vehicles, trailers or equipment needing more than 2 spaces will be charged $10 per space. This fee increase will allow for a safer hand-to-hand cash collection by only using bills in increments of $10 and eliminating the need for all change handling.

  • Fares for motorcycles and bicycles continue to be suspended.

  • Only cash or bulk ticket will be accepted initially. A new contactless option for debit card payments is being phased in and is expected to be available for bulk ticket book purchases by the end of March. As staff and ferry users become more familiar with the technology on board, the debit payment system will be expanded to also include the collection of cash fares using the tap feature.

Many new safety protocols have been created to keep ferry staff and the public safe during the fare collection process. Your patience and kindness with our crew is appreciated during this transition.