The development of Loyalist Township's Infrastructure Masterplan is progressing well, and the formal Notice of Completion is expected to be issued in summer 2023. Infrastructure masterplans require more preparatory work for projects up front, but completion of them allows for more effortless execution of infrastructure projects. Because the projects have already been presented for public and agency consultations, alternate solutions have been evaluated, and much of the technical analysis has been explicitly completed for the road right-of-way, potable water, sanitary sewage, and stormwater systems. The project study period is 25 years. Township staff are currently completing numerous technical reviews and are awaiting the completion of the Amherstview West Secondary Plan, which will impact the infrastructure needs of the Township.

The issuance of the Notice of Completion represents a major milestone according to the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process, which is approved under Ontario's Environmental Assessment Act. From the date of the Notice of Completion issuance, a draft Infrastructure Masterplan will be released concurrently. This starts a 30-day period for the public, agencies, and other stakeholders to comment and for the Township to make any necessary revisions.

Please watch for additional communications and a public engagement session after the Notice of Completion is issued during the summer of 2023. If you haven't, consider signing up for the project email list to receive the latest updates from Loyalist Township regarding the Infrastructure Masterplan. Any additional questions or comments regarding the Infrastructure Masterplan or process can be sent to

More information on the project can be found on the Township’s website, which can be accessed by visiting the Infrastructure Masterplan page