December 12,2020 (Odessa, Ontario) – Loyalist Township has been notified that a Township staff member who works aboard the Amherst Island Ferry has tested positive for COVID-19.  We have reviewed this employee’s work schedule and with this information, we can confidently say that the employee has not worked a shift since the exposure. The Township has chosen to advise the public out of an abundance of caution.


The Township extends its support and best wishes to the employee and hopes for a speedy recovery.


KFL&A Public Health has a comprehensive and effective contact tracing system to provide direction for household members and other close contacts of anyone that tests positive for COVID-19. Find more regarding COVID-19 testing and next steps at the KFL&A Public Health website.


As a result of the COVID-19 precautions in place, there has been no impact to Township operations. All Township employees complete mandatory COVID-19 screening prior to each workday and follow any advice the screening provides. Township staff and the public are also reminded to keep a two metre (6ft.) distance between yourself and others who are outside of your “social circle”, wear a non-medical face mask, stay home if you are sick or are showing signs of being sick, and wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer regularly, and refrain from touching your face. Residents are advised to download the COVID alert app to their mobile device.  The Government of Canada’s COVID alert app can let other app users know of possible exposures before any symptoms appear.


Loyalist Township places the highest priority on the health and safety of its employees and residents. Loyalist Township would like to thank all our residents and staff for diligently following the COVID-19 guidelines from KFL&A Public Health. By doing this, we can protect ourselves and our community.