Do you know how Loyalist Township’s budget gets spent? Each year, the Township undertakes an extensive budget planning process to prepare the annual budget. Community engagement is a critical part of the planning process. The Township is launching the 2024 Budget Engagement Survey for residents and business owners to build a better understanding of how the budget is allocated and provide opportunities for members of the community to share their input on budget priorities 

“We encourage members of the community to share their input on the Township’s 2024 budget,” says Mayor Jim Hegadorn. “We value the important feedback that residents and business owners provide and it’s vital that the public is involved in the budget development process. We welcome all community members to utilize this survey to have their voices heard.”  

The 2024 Budget Engagement Survey helps the Township introduce sectors, topics and projects that require financial backing to the public for feedback, creating a more collaborative and community-driven open budgeting process. Last year, over 200 residents provided their feedback.

“It’s important to us that we hear directly from community members on what areas of the budget they deem as priorities,” says Deputy Treasurer, Steve Szczepaniak. “We want the community to help us make sure that our 2024 budget meets the real needs of Loyalist Township residents.” 

From August 16 to September 29, 2023, members of the public can complete the 2024 Budget Engagement Survey. Following the survey closure budget engagement updates will be presented to Council. Budgets will be approved in early 2024.  

Those wanting to learn more about the budgeting process can review the Township’s Budget 101 document or sign-up to Get Involved more routinely on the municipal budget each year.  

The Township’s open budget process allows the community to: 

  • Learn the structure of the Operating and Capital budgets 

  • Understand how budgeting decisions are made 

  • Provide input on priorities 

  • Influence the allocation of public resources 

Learn more about the Township’s Budget and Financial Reporting