The Community and Customer Services Department would like to thank the residents and community leaders who have been a part of creating history and progress within Briscoe Park, Bath. We appreciate the inquiries that you have made related to the recent playground enhancements.
We wish to extend our sincerest apologies for the delay in our response to your questions and concerns.  We have faced challenges in finding the information that you deserve, and we regret that we have not been able to communicate with you as promptly as we normally would. 
Your concerns regarding the swing set, accessibility, and the protective surfacing within the playground have been heard. 
The removal of the swing set was necessary due to its age.  Over time, components of all play structures become fatigued and warrant replacement to avoid the risk of failure during use.
On September 22, 2018, Loyalist Township provided a public consultation meeting, within the park where 22 community members attended. At the meeting two conceptual drawings were provided for comment.  One concept included a swing set and the other did not.  The concept that included the swing set was selected by the meeting attendees as the most popular design. 
Estimates were received for both concepts.  Unfortunately, the budget for this project could not cover the costs for the desired concept that included the swing set, and therefore the second concept was chosen to be constructed.
Throughout our review of this file we discovered that you were not notified of this change.  We understand your frustration, acknowledge this oversight, and apologize for the unrest that this situation has caused. 
We can assure you that the park enhancements meet the accessibility standards that governs playgrounds and the protective surfacing which has been installed conforms to industry standards. Separate responses will be provided to the individuals who raised concerns regarding these topics. 
As part of the 2021 budget deliberations we will be requesting, from Council, funding to provide the swing set that you selected in 2018.  Should we receive the funding, the swing set will be installed in 2021. 
Because of you, Briscoe Park will be a place that children can enjoy for many more years to come. 
Thank you once again for your feedback.  
Yours Truly,
The Community and Customer Services Department