Ferry vessel

As part of Loyalist Township’s ongoing efforts to communicate information about the status of the Amherst Islander II, the following update has been prepared to provide you with information on the progress that has been made since our last communication at the end of January, following the ROMA conference.


Onboard crew training on Amherst Islander II will start during the last week of March and is expected to take a few months to complete. The training is divided into two phases: Without passengers and with passengers. Training will focus on vessel familiarization, safety training and sea service requirements.

Amherst Islander II Ramp Update:

MTO has informed us that the Wolfe Islander IV ramp repair work is still ongoing, however the work is nearing completion, and it is expected that the Amherst Islander II ramp will be returned and installed before crew training with passengers commences on Amherst Islander II.

Warranty Upgrades/Deficiencies:

The warranty and deficiency work are ongoing and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Service Disruptions:

Some fender removal work will be required to ensure both Frontenac II and Amherst Islander II can dock simultaneously during the training process. It is expected that this work could result in temporary service disruptions. In the event of a disruption, Loyalist Township will provide advanced notice to residents about the work and the nature of the disruptions through the Ferry Notification System and Ferry social media channels. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these service disruptions.

Loyalist Township is committed to communicating ongoing updates and timelines as we work through the process to prepare for the in-service of the Amherst Islander II.