Amherst Islander II ferry boat

On January 31, 2023, the Amherst Islander II made the voyage from the Picton Terminals to the Stella Docks. While the Amherst Islander II isn’t expected to begin service until spring 2023, residents can expect to see the new vessel in the water around Amherst Island or at the ferry docks over the next several weeks while staff are completing necessary training in accordance with Transport Canada regulations.

A temporary staffing agency has been retained to support Amherst Island Ferry operations while training of Loyalist Township Ferry staff is being completed on the new vessel. Although temporary staff will be operating the Frontenac II during training, Loyalist Township Ferry staff will continue to be responsible for onboard fare collection. Your patience during this transition is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to welcoming residents and passengers aboard the Amherst Islander II Once the vessel is ready to enter service, a commissioning ceremony will take place.