Amherst Islander II Ferry

Dear residents, 

Loyalist Township is grateful to Minister Mulroney for her time at the 2023 AMO Conference in London, Ontario. Loyalist and MTO were able to commit to concrete steps on the way to commissioning the Amherst Islander II, with MTO pledging to assign additional resources to realize this goal, and agreeing to greater communication going forward. A firm in-service date can be anticipated in 2023 as discussions between Loyalist and MTO continue.

I also want to take the time to thank Loyalist Township staff for their part in charting a workable and optimistic way forward. Loyalist’s Memorandum of Understanding was positively received by our partners at MTO and has provided a solid basis for the way ahead. Loyalist and MTO will continue to strengthen our partnership to deliver safe and reliable ferry service to Amherst Island, long into the future. I encourage residents to stay tuned!

Yours in service,

Nathan Townend

Deputy Mayor