FoodCycler process

Loyalist Township is taking steps towards a greener and more sustainable future with the implementation of the FoodCycler pilot program. An informational presentation about the FoodCycler was brought to the November 2021 Council meeting, and on Monday, June 26, 2023, staff were directed by Council to proceed with a 100 household FoodCycler pilot program.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology, a FoodCycler can transform organic waste into compost amendment.

“This innovative initiative aims to address the issue of food waste ending up in our landfills while promoting environmental consciousness within our community,” said Loyalist Township Mayor Jim Hegadorn.

This pilot program will allow 100 FoodCycler units to be purchased by Loyalist Township residents at discounted rates of $150.00 plus HST for the FC-30 model, normally $500.00, and $300.00 plus HST for the Maestro model, normally $800.00. The funding is based on a cost subsidy model where Food Cycle Science provides an initial discount, AAFC/Impact Canada contribute an investment, Loyalist Township provides a subsidy, and the resident provides the remaining contribution.

The discounted rates are available in exchange for users recording their usage over the course of 12 weeks. Once the pilot program is complete, Township staff and Council will review resident feedback and gauge the pilot program’s success before deciding upon next steps.

The pilot program will run during the Fall 2023. Registration will launch on August 1, 2023.

Looking ahead, FoodCycle Science has expressed a strong commitment to supporting Loyalist Township's goals. They have offered to provide additional assistance, including support for organizing events and delegations to present merits to Council. Their expertise and collaborative spirit will be instrumental in fostering a successful and sustainable program within the community.

“At Food Cycle Science, we are committed to changing the way the world thinks about food waste. Our municipal programs empower residents to take ownership over their food waste and support their community’s sustainability goals. Residents also benefit from access to a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used in gardening applications right at home, improving circularity and keeping more trucks off the road. We look forward to supporting Loyalist Township in this forward-thinking initiative!” said Municipal Program Manager Jessica Taylor.

Once the FoodCycler Pilot Program opens for registration, residents will be able to sign-up and express their interest in participating. However, quantities are limited. Only one FoodCycler purchase per household is permitted. Township staff will follow-up with selected residents who expressed interest in participation to explain the rules of pilot program participation.

Visit the FoodCycler Pilot Program webpage to learn more about this exciting initiative!