Bees on pollinator friendly flowers

A Step Towards Enhancing Biodiversity in Loyalist Township

On February 27, 2024, updates to the Safe Property and Property Standards by-laws were passed by Council. The update to the Property Standards by-law will reduce duplication and conflicting information across by-laws and improve overall administration of the by-laws while the updates to the Safe Property by-law are focused on enhancing the Township's resilience to climate impacts and promoting biodiversity. By introducing definitions for concepts such as Border Buffer Strip, Naturalized Areas, and Wildflower Meadow, the by-law now provides a structured approach to developing pollinator-friendly areas across the Township. This action aligns with the goals of the Resilient Loyalist Township Climate Action Plan, specifically aiming to protect and nurture pollinator populations essential for a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, the introduction of a "No Mow May" exclusion clause encourages residents to participate in conservation efforts directly, contributing to early pollinator support and reducing pollution from lawn maintenance activities. The Safe Property by-law’s alignment with the Resilient Climate Action Plan not only addresses specific environmental goals, such as developing a pollinator protection strategy but also underscores the importance of proactive, eco-friendly community development.

To learn more about the update to the Property Standards and Safe Property By-laws, please visit our By-laws and Enforcement webpage.