Loyalist Township and the Community and Customer Services Department are delighted to announce the launch of a new division that will place a renewed importance on the preservation and promotion of local assets of heritage, culture and tourism.

This new division will focus on a renewed and integrated approach to heritage, culture, and tourism. It will help support the Township and its residents, providing resources and dedication to focus on the numerous historical assets and their preservation, the cultural vibrancy, and the tourism opportunities within the Township.

Through the support of Council, staff, community stakeholders and residents, the new division will strive to emphasize public enjoyment of heritage and culture while building local and regional partnerships to enhance Loyalist Township for residents and visitors alike. This will include:

  • Heritage sites and buildings, collections, and artifacts
  • Cultural community events and programming
  • Cultural asset mapping
  • Inclusive and collaborative community development
  • Community engagement

Loyalist Township is also pleased to announce the arrival of Lyndsay Tee, the first Manager of Heritage, Culture and Tourism. Lyndsay comes to the Township with extensive municipal experience and a background of economic development, community engagement and cultural enterprise.

Hilary Fennell, your Community Development Coordinator, formerly in the Recreation Services Division, has transferred to the new division. Hilary’s first-hand experience working within the community and her expertise in community development will be a tremendous asset to the new team.

If you would like to speak with either Lyndsay or Hilary, please contact ltee@loyalist.ca or hfennell@loyalist.ca!

“It is the Township’s intention to continue this tradition, working with the volunteers to share our past, especially with our youth, for many generations to come,” said Mayor Ric Bresee.

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